"I like just about everything Richard's ever done.
He bestrides our scene like the colossus he is."


These tour review pages are named after the Richard Thompson song Two Left Feet. This is an archive of the  reviews of Richard Thompson's concerts, especially from postings off the Richard Thompson internet list. However, it also includes some reviews that have been sent to me off-list for publication here. I've tried to put them in chronological order, with the most recent at the top. As Pam Winters says, "We crave reviews and setlists!"  If there seem to be periods when nothing is updated, it is probably because of the gaps between tours.

The reviews make it clear what we think of Richard Thompson. But, what does he think of us? Richard Thompson laments, "They're worse than real critics. They are amateur critics." This is a not-for-profit, fan-operated web site presenting and facilitating news about all things Richard Thompson, who has neither authorized nor endorsed this site. We do appreciate the link to this site from Richard's web site.

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