Ottawa, Ontario
Zaphod Beezlebrox
25 November 1999

Have returned from Thursday nights

*awesome* RT Band show at Zaphod Beezlebrox in Ottawa, and although the set was pretty much the same as all the other gigs the sheer majesty of the show demands that I post some of the highlights.

I have to say that this was the 16th RT show I've seen and by far the most impressive musically, given the unusual circumstances of the gig he really seemed to have a good time and having seen the same set/band in August things have really developed.

1) Show was in a very small ex-strip club ( with cages for dancers ) with about 12 chairs and 25 lounge chairs and a few couches. Room probably held less than 200. It was billed as "an intimate evening with RT" and tickets were $45 Canadian. An average gig there costs 10 bucks. RT responded to the intimacy very well, enjoying the eye contact and the dancing that erupted several times throughout the night. Teddy made many new lady friends .... 

2) Stage issues kept the band from coming out during Sgt.Peppers Billlly Shearsssss cue. Several songs later ( one of George's ) they emerged. They were playing the Remiixed Beatles Yellow Submarine CD.....

3) Although relatively un-chatty RT delivered a few fine asides during the evening. My favorite was to my female friend watching the show from the dancing strippers "cage"... " Nice to see you all...although some of you are little overdressed"

4) Didn't time it but I think the version of Hard on Me topped 11 min....with Richard diving in again just as the band we winding it up.

5) Pete Zorn broke strings on his acoustic twice.

6) RT played bits of Shazam by the Shadows in Crawl Back and a nifty little bit of Don't Do It by the Band in the Intro to Bright Lights ( much to the amusement of himself... Teddy just kind of rolled his eyes )

7) Encores included VBL, Crawl Back ( with a really really long outro guitar solo that certainly wasn't there in August ) , Man in Need ,Razor Dance, and Persuasion ( the last two clinching Teddy's approval with a very attractive admirer )

8) Teddy had pictures of a Claudia Schiffer type pasted to his pink Danelectro.

9) I looked for it ( i was 3 feet away ) but saw no examples of this "up and down" RT vibrato technique that had been discussed.

10 ) Rt had his eyes open alot....

Great great show ...thank you Richard !!!

Chris Houston