Birmingham Symphony Hall
18 October 1999

Just got back

from The Symphony Hall in Birmingham - great concert!! Loved every minute of it. Boy, the man can play!!!! I can't understand all the negatives reviews of the current tour, unless tonight's set was vastly different to the previous ones...

Pete Zorn - a one man orchestra. 
Danny - brilliant as ever. 
Teddy - maturing nicely. 
Now I'm one of DM's biggest fans, but the drummer in tonight's line up, (forget his name), is really something else!!!

Good to see Donna and Richard from the list again. 

There was also a certain Mr. & Mrs. Pegg, and Mr. & Mrs. Nicol there tonight too. Anyone who didn't go, lost out big style!

Nick Wells

Here's the set list

from Birmingham last night (18.10.99)

Cooksferry Queen 
Bathsheba Smiles 
Two Faced Love 
Hard on Me 
Jennie My Love 
She Twists the Knife Again 
Uninhabited Man 
Al Bowly's in Heaven 
Sights and Sounds of London Town 
Walking the Long Miles Home 
Bright Lights 
When the Spell is Broken 
I Feel So Good 
Tear Stained Letter 
'52 Vincent Black Lightning 
Crawl Back (Under my Stone) 
Man in Need 
A Heart needs a Home 
Wall of Death 
Razor Dance

Just to second Dave Smarts review - a fabulous night in Birmingham. We were in the 3rd row, almost dead centre and the sound was crystalline. One of the longest RT gigs I've been to since I discovered OH in 1986 with 22 songs performed. Stand out moments for me were the duets with Teddy (Persuasion and Heart Needs ..) and hearing my two all-time fave RT songs (Jennie and Twists) back to back! Mike Jerome was another highlight - RT NEEDS to keep this man in his live band. I love DM as much as the next fan, but Jerome really kicked the band along, and he looked to be having a lot of fun with Danny.

What can you say about RT's guitar work. I think that Independent review summed it up .... "it sounded like he wasn't playing the strings but the electric current itself, bending the elemental surge of pure energy into whatever shape he desired."

Enjoy the rest of the tour folks!

Dr. Dave Moreman