July 17, 1998

I'm not sure what the deal is

(maybe a Southern thing?), but I never saw my post on the 7/16/98 Atlanta show appear, so I'll try again.

Scott's well-done and thorough Chattanooga post gives you the set list.

(Thanks, Scott. I really wanted to go to Chattanooga after Atlanta, but my husband seemed to think that was a tad bit, er, "stalker-like.")

The setting was the Variety Playhouse and the crowd was very enthusiastic.

This was the 3rd time I've seen him there, and fortunately there were no rolling beer bottles throughout the performance. RT seemed very relaxed and appreciative, commenting at one point that he's played there 10 times, later that he's been playing there for 15 years. I have no idea how long it's really been. His outfit was black, black and black, but couldn't see the shoes. Warm-up act was Chip Robinson. Never did a guy's name match less with his appearance.

Highlights for me: His awful Scottish joke. (I didn't hear the punch line well, so it wasn't funny--except his delivery was. Did he tell this in Chattanooga?) The BB King joke. God Loves a Drunk (which no one laughed at, thank goodness). His requisite jokes about Gone With the Wind (said, I believe, during the part before Hamlet where he says he's an ambassador--later corrected to cultural ambassador, along with Benny Hill and Rod Stewart, then corrected to Mr. Bean), including the fact that both Vivien Leigh and Leslie Howard were British. His comment that he lives next door to Michelle Pfeiffer. And who was Mary to whom he called out a birthday greeting? I "fell about" when he started quoting Monty Python: "Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more!" Another funny (and surprising) moment occurred when he started to play "Genesis Hall," apparently in the wrong key or with the wrong tuning or something, exclaimed "Shit!", made a hasty tuning, and proceeded with the song.

No dee-shirts in evidence but mine. A listmember did ask me how I got my shirt so fast, but I've had mine for ages from previous editions.

My husband and I were disappointed that there weren't more action figures on sale. We already have the RT in black outfit, and the RT and DT Action Playset. I hear the Shoot Out the Lights playset is pretty rare. They also had the RT Sufi action figure, but those are a dime a dozen. But try asking at Toys 'R Us for the Dave Mattacks/drum kit action figure!

Corrections welcome.

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