RT at the Birchmere - Tuesday, 8 Jul 1997

Hi folks, I just returned from seeing RT at the Birchmere and wanted to post a quick review. There were two shows, 8pm and 10pm...I attended the first. Very nice atmosphere, it's a restaurant really. Doors opened at 6:30 w/dinner and drinks available before the show. Seating is at your table (general admission), a nice change from theater rows. At around 7:15 Nancy Covey came in carrying two hangers of clothes from the dry cleaners while all of us were eating and was escorted to the backstage door. At 8pm the lights dimmed. The show was outstanding, the sound was excellent!

RT was witty and chatty. Highlights off hand...Jimmy Shands was amusing. Before the song he did the usual "you can sing along bit" and singled out the crowd left of the stage implying they were all seated there for some reason or another (he may have said they looked funny...) Towards the end of the tune when everyone was singing along he asked to hear just them...after they started singing he threw up his hands in dissapointment and stopped playing. He started walking around the stage shaking his head, kicked his guitar stand. After all the laughter someone in the "special" group yelled out "One more time" and RT started playing again and finished off the tune. Amusing...one request was honored and a special one ...Genesis Hall.

The Birchmere does allow cameras. A few weeks ago I sent them an email asking about the light settings for the RT show and they advised me to bring a flash. I came prepared with camera, tripod, flash and was having a great time until I was told to stop using the flash...?!?...I understand completely (it was bright) and luckily I was able to get at least 8 to 10 in. So...if they come out I'll be posting them on my page, I'll follow up to let you know when (they better turn out!!) they are ready. I know that someone in the front row got some nice shots during the encore...are you out there?

Following is the set list, there are two tunes that I could not put a name to...I saw some list shirts out there...maybe someone can help me complete this:

Turning of the Tide
Galway to Graceland
I Feel So Good
The Ghost of You Walks
Dog Eats Dog In Denmark
Dimming of the Day
("I gave my love a cherry"..)
1952 VBL
Drifting Through the Days
Jimmy Shands
Genesis Hall (request)
Keep Your Distance
(?)...sounded like Pharaoh...but not Pharaoh
I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight
Hide it Away
Razor Dance
Was She a Woman Or a Man

That's it! It was a two hour ride home and I need some sleep...Take it easy!

Matt Getsey
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