Ann Arbor 2 November 1996

Just some comments on RT's show in Ann Arbor.

The venue was the Michigan Theater which has great acoustics and we had second row seats. There was no warm-up act. The performance was the best I have ever seen or heard RT play.

Highlights for me were Hand of Kindness, Put It There Pal, 1952 St. Vincent, Mascara Tears and a blow-you-away Hokey Pokey in the encore with three guitar solos. The band was incredibly tight and all appeared to have a good time. RT encouraged a sing-a-long during Tear-Stained Letter and seemed truly surprised by the volume of the audience's response.

G Malonai

 Ann Arbor 2 November 1996 - a Second Opinion

Want a second opinion? Lena and I were also at the Ann Arbor performance. We met Irene and Bill Henry -- as well as some other list members -- prior to the show. We thought that we had fifth row seats. But thanks to Ticketron's inability to properly communicate on the phone, we wound up on the fifth row in the balcony. In spite of that, all agreed that the show was great.

Willis Howard