Toronto show comments & set list - 30 October 1996

Comments: What a show!!! I had heard how intense Richard Thompson Band shows were, but nothing had prepared me for what I saw. I had only seen Richard before solo acoustic so I was a RTB "virgin" My jaw literally hit the ground from about 2 minutes in and it stayed there for the rest of the show. It was really was like going to school, sitting there trying to figure out how he does it (and I am still mystified). There were no real down points, every song was well done (even Cold Kisses which I don't like on the new one was much better live). Highlights? Well I would say Peter Zorn's mandolin solo-a-la-Hendrix on "Shoot Out", and Zorn's sax on "Bright Lights" were killer. And any Richard solo! Also, on the acoustic side, 1952 VBL (which one of the two songs I REALLY wanted to hear - the other was "Dark Hand On My Heart", which he didn't do (damn it - I knew that he wouldn't but still). All in all, a brilliant show. I am glad I went (even if the weather to and fro was miserable - the winds were SO bad.....)

Jeffrey Lawrence