Richard Thompson in Baltimore - 14 October 1996

Last night was my first RT concert, and what a show!!!!! I've seen Dylan five times, enjoyed the concerts, but RT puts on a show. Wheras Dylan sings without talking to the audience or otherwise acknowledging their existence, RT and friends seem to be enjoying themselves and connecting with the audience.

I read someone once wrote that RT is entertaining "in a Las Vegas kind of way" - I don't find that true. RT proves you can put on a show without being phony. The setlist was the basic one I've seen posted for several other shows, so I won't repeat it here. Before the show, which was at the historic Senator Theater in Baltimore, scenes were shown without sound of old movies while some music played. During the show RT and DT did an improvisational dialogue to one of the scenes. During "Jimmy Shands" RT called out the joke I've ehard on live tapes "Pick a window-you're leaving!"

Highlights of the evening included "Woods of Darney" and "She Cut off her Long Silken Hair." It amazes me how he can go from histrionic electric guitar solos to incredibly subtle acoustic in a matter of moments. I didn't find "Hamlet" as amusing as some seem to but the intro was pretty good and afterwards he used the skull prop to play some slide guitar. As regards to the RT and misogny debate, which I've participated in amongst friends of mine, I was surprised at how many women were there- and they were among the most enthusiatic. One woman, in the middle of the third row in front of me, seemed to be enjoying it the most- even during "I Feel So Good" and "Valerie."

During "Tear Stained Letter" she seemed racked with spasms of delight- I never would have expected such passion from a female at an RT concert. I've been trying to get to see RT since around 1982- it was well worth the wait!!!!!